About the Product

In these unprecedented times, our company is  working hard to continue delivering on our mission to connect your business with buyers. Currently, the safest way to do this is online.

Introducing our Digital Marketplace.  Similar to a live show, this product allows users to visit various products and services from numerous companies and gain education through the seminar program.

We have seen much success with similar products in other markets across the country – from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, BC, and many places in between.

The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Digital Marketplace will keep you connected with our qualified audience, including those who work on, in, and around the water.  Click here to see a sample of one of our other Digital Marketplaces in action.

Visitor Marketing

Marketing to Key Industry Decision Makers  - The strength of this Marketplace is our ability to market the product to our established Yarmouth, NS and Moncton, NB show communities. Our email database of past show visitors and social media followers is over to 15,000 strong, and we’ll reach this audience and beyond through a combination of direct email newsletters, social media posts, and Facebook advertising.  

We’re confident this alternative to face-to-face marketing will be a fantastic tool to get your products and services in front of a targeted audience.

Our audience marketing campaign will begin in early June and run for 30 days. This multi-channel integrated campaign will include the following components:  

  • DIRECT EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS to our database of close to 8,000 past show attendees. Newsletters will be sent at least 8 times during the campaign and each will include featured exhibitor shout-outs and banner ads.
  • PRINT ADVERTISING AND INDUSTRY SUPPORT – our promotional efforts will be assisted by key industry associations communicating to their members and subscribers as well as media partners like The Navigator Magazine and Atlantic Fisherman.
  • FACEBOOK & TWITTER CAMPAIGNS with daily postings to our nearly 7,000 followers on the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition and Fish Canada Workboat Canada social media pages. Posts will include unique content and exhibitor highlights. A paid advertising campaign will ensure we broaden our reach and continue to grow our social media presence as well as impressions to the Digital Marketplace.

 Audience Marketing Timeframe: Early June for 30 days (Specific dates to be outlined) 

Packages & Pricing  


We are offering three tiers for promoting your business as part of the Digital Marketplace. 


Additional Listing Enhancement Options

Add-On Components

Customize your BASIC, PLUS or DELUXE package with any of the following add-on options. Please note that costs listed below are in addition to the stated package price.

  • Inclusion in one of our newsletters with one photo and 50 words of text plus a link to your Digital Marketplace listing ($300)
  • Inclusion in one of our newsletters with one banner or big box ad plus a link to your Digital Marketplace listing ($200)
  • A dedicated post the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition Facebook page with one image and up to 70 words of text plus a link to your Digital Marketplace listing ($200)
  • Prime placement on the Digital Marketplace ($500)
  • The option to be part of the Seminar Program with either a pre-recorded or live video ($400)

Special Features

Choose to add on one of our special features to your BASIC, PLUS, or DELUXE package. Please note that costs listed below are in addition to the stated package price. These add-ons are limited in availability.

  • Feature one of your vessels in our ‘Boats of the Week’ section in our newsletters. Includes one image and 50 words of text plus a link to your Digital Marketplace listing. Perfect for brokers and boat builders! ($250)
  • Promote your show special or exclusive deal in one of our newsletters. Includes one image and 50 words of text plus a link to your Digital Marketplace listing. Make sure your promotion gets noticed! ($250)
  • Sponsor a contest prize! Provide a door prize and we’ll organize a contest which will be hosted on the Digital Marketplace. You’ll receive recognition as a sponsor and be included in all contest promotion in our newsletters and on social media. This feature includes paid Facebook advertising. Prize value must be at least $200. Any costs associated with prize delivery will be the sponsor’s responsibility. ($200)

Weekly Newsletter Features

Each week our newsletter will have an exclusive section with a special focus. This add-on offers inclusion as part of the weekly feature ($250) with an image, 50 words of text and a link to your Digital Marketplace listing:

  • Week 1: Engine Showcase – dedicated to engine technology, allowing users to see the best new engines and compare those that are available to them.
  • Week 2: Electronics Showcase – highlighting the best electronic technologies on the market.
  • Week 3: Safety Equipment Showcase – focusing on the different equipment options to protect the lives of hardworking crew out at sea.
  • Week 4: Workwear & Gear Showcase – featuring workwear, gloves, and personal equipment designed to make life easier for those working on the water.


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Show Manager

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Marketing & Operations Manager